Owned and operated in the USA we provide a variety of high grade, completion, coil tubing, frac, and production chemicals especially designed for oilfield. Our qualified engineers can mix on the pump truck or through UDS provided chemical mixing plants. UDS thrives in the harsh environments of the oilfield. For your critical well work, give UDS a call.

Products include but not limited to: Friction Reducers, Pipe on Pipe, Gel Agents, Complete Line of Corrosion Protection, Clay Stabilizers, Biocides, Pipe Freeing Agents, etc.

For Industrial cleaning, our non-toxic heavy duty solutions are super-concentrated, biodegradable, water-soluable, and effective at removing tough grease, oils and grime found in the Oil and Gas, Automotive, Manufacturing, and Industrial/Janitorial industries. degreasers, steam cleaner solutions, aluminum cleaner, and rust strippers.

Our Solutions

Coil tubing chemicals

Friction reducer, Pipe on Pipe, Xanthan gels, Beads, KCL Substitute, HEC, H2S Scavenger, Biocide, Foamer, Defoamer

Frac Chemicals

Friction Reducer, Clay Stabilizer, Biocides

Production Chemicals

H2S Scavenger, Corrosion Inhibitors, Scale Inhibitors, Biocides


Drilling Chemicals

Gumbo Buster, Pipe on Pipe, Pipe Freeing Agents

Industrial Cleaning Solutions

Degreaser, Steam Cleaner Solution, Aluminum Cleaner, Rust Stripper